Vampire Facelift

Vampire Facelift

Vampire Facelift?… I’m sure many of you have heard about this; especially from the big news on television in which the Oscars gave gift bags that contained gift certificates to receive this procedure. This isn’t anything new.

With the Vampire Facelift, they use the rich plasma that’s drawn from your own blood to help rejuvenate your skin as well as enhancing collagen. On top of that this facial restores the shape of your face, helps with texture of the skin, helps with cell growth, and rejuvenates younger tissue. This is not a surgical procedure like the facelifts  you’ve heard of, which makes it even more interesting. No wonder why so many people are getting this done! For more info on what Charles Runels, MD came up for this procedure click (HERE).

vampire facelift

How do they do this you ask? First the Dr. will draw blood (preferably your arm). They then take  your tube of blood  and put it into a spinning machine to help separate the plasma from the rest of the blood components. After separating the blood  they take the plasma and inject it into the areas on your face that you would like to enhance. (Almost like fillers).

This is so interesting to me! Instead of putting other chemicals into your body, you are putting your own plasma back into your body. Some people are against procedures these days, but I am all for it. If you decide to undergo plastic surgery, get botox, fillers, or even the vampire facelift… YOU GO GIRL! or man lol…Needless to say I would so get this done!

What are your thoughts on this subject?! Would you get this done?


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