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DIY.. Life With Ashlee

Why go out and buy a new mirror when can update your old one? Revamping an old mirror is perfect,  not only are you saving money but your also choosing which color or patterns you would like.

..Here are a few steps to get that perfect mirror….

Fist get your supplies together


An old mirror of your choice, painting tape, a few garbage bags (new ones of course! lol), and your choice of paint. For this I used white spray paint. You could use any color you choose as well as using  paint and a paint brush if you decide to do a design or stencils.

Next… Cut and get ready to tape


Cut the Garbage bag down the seam on both sides so its larger. Depending on how big your mirror is determines how many garbage bags you will need. I used one and a half bags.

Place the garbage bag onto the mirror and line up the bag about an inch to a half an inch away from the border.

Now that that’s done.. Time to tape


Take the tape and tape down the bag as well as the mirror. Make sure you don’t get the tape onto the border. You want the tape to hold down the garbage bag as well as protecting the mirror from the paint.

Prep to paint


Put down more garbage bags or a tarp to protect underneath the mirror so you don’t get paint everywhere, especially if your using spray paint like I did.



This is after only one coat of paint. Depending what paint your using or the style your going for you might want to do more than one coat. Once your finished with one coat of paint make sure you wait for it to dry before you apply the next.

The finished product

DIY.. Life With Ashlee

I absolutely love revamping my old furniture. It gives me control over the colors and theme I am going for and saves a ton of money!

Do you have any old mirrors your excited to paint?! Let me know your ideas for the next DIY you would like to see.


Ashlee <3

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