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Are you ready to hear my secret to tighten my pores and get that glow… I have become obsessed with sheet facial masks. Once I found my daily face routine for morning/night (which took a LONG time), I wanted a little nudge to make my skin that much better. I have found two different sheet masks I absolutely love! I can see the results right after I take off the mask. I like to use these masks one to two times a week.


Dr. Jart Clearing Solution


This mask is AMAZING! It is an ultra-fine mask that has glutathione, salicylic acid, and tea tree oil. This mask controls blemishes and corrects uneven skin tone. Before using this mask I cleansed my face/exfoliated. I then put the mask on for 20 min. Immediately after I take off the mask my skin is super smooth in texture, soft, and has an amazing glow! My red blemishes and uneven skin tone isn’t as noticeable as well. I was immediately obsessed! It was fairly cheap for how good this product is. I got mine from Sephora.com…Get that glow ladies!

Dr. Jart Pore Minimalist


I seriously can NOT talk enough about this mask! This Black Charcoal Sheet Mask is a MUST try! Like most of us, my pores are an annoying problem of mine. I have tried so many products to shrink my pores and nothing seem to work. I don’t want to relay on a pore minimizing primer to make my pores less noticeable, nor do I want to wear makeup all the time. My goal in life is to have perfect skin… This mask helps with large pores and pimples. It also purifies pores and remove sebum, as well as helping with drawing out deep- dwelling pore-cloggers. Inside this mask has Korean charcoal for superior cleaning. You know how much I love charcoal. It works miracles! (If you haven’t read my blog about my charcoal tooth paste, you need to check it out!).. I get amazing results after only one use. Before I apply the mask I exfoliated, I then put the mask on for 20 min. After taking the mask off, don’t rinse the product off your face, rub in the acsess product and let it soak into skin. The results are absolutely amazing! You will be hooked, I promise you. This mask is also very affordable. I got it from Sephora.com.

Both of these sheet masks are drentched in so much product that your really able to get a bang for your buck. On both packages it says “one time use” ..BUTTT I use each mask two times. After the first use I put them back into the package and the sheet is able to soak up that extra product that’s left in the package.. I highly suggest the try out these masks.. Lets tighten those pores & get the glow! .. Remember, this isn’t a quick fix, make sure you keep up with your skin routine. Take care of your skin, use sunscreen, and wash two times a day. Doing this you really get the benefits of each product you use without it all going to waist.

Other Dr.Jart sheet masks I want to try…

glowDr. Jart- Derma Intra Jet Firming Solution

glowDr. Jart- Brightening Infusion Hydrogel Mask

glowDr. Jart- Dermask Intra Jet Wrinkless Solution

Are there any sheet masks you recommend!?




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