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If you know me you know how much I LOVEE sunglasses! I have so many pairs of glasses but somehow I always stick to two pairs and forget about the rest (just like my shoes) lol. I’m on the go all the time so which ever is in my car I will wear. I need to fix that problem of mine. Now, to be honest, I only have two designer sunglasses (Balmain, which I am BEYOND obsessed with! and Georgio Armani) all of my other million glasses are cheap and affordable. I don’t want to be mad when I sit on them or loose them lol.. You can complete any look your going for with a pair of sunnies these days with the variety of shapes, colors, and styles.

Summer is coming up and we all need our super cute sunglasses to stay looking young right?! lol.. Now the fun part SHOP! The best way to shop in stores or on line, especially for sunglasses, is to know specifically what frame shape best fits your face. It will make shopping a whole lot quicker and easier since you know what your looking for. To balance out your facial shape, your features, and to make the glasses look like they were made just for you, a little trick is to buy the right frames for your face shape.


Round Face-

You want to add dimension to your face and balance out the round shape. Picking angular shaped glasses like Square shaped frames or wayfarers are best.

Square face-

To soften the angles of a square facial shape your best choice would be round frames.

Heart shaped face-

Aviators in my opinion looks the best. Instead of trying to balance out your features like the others, this will help with the actual shape of your jawline and facial shape since the frames are wider at the top and taper down.

Oval face-

Anything your heart desires! ..That’s me!… Maybe that’s why I am so obsessed with sunglasses. lol ..This facial shape is very proportionate which allows you to wear any frame you wish.


I wear sunglasses all year round, I’m sure like 99% of you, but this makes me want to go pick out a new pair… okay maybe a few! lol .. It doesn’t hurt to get new sunglasses for a new summer season!




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