St Tropez Self Tanner

St Tropez self tanner

St Tropez self tanner

St Tropez self tanner??  I’m sure you have heard about it or have seen it at your local beauty store. This line has left me speechless!…

St Tropez self tanner

My ultimate favorite product of the St Tropez line is their Dark Self Tanning Lotion. Oh My Goodness!! That’s all I can say… Well, okay, I will explain.  My entire life I was an avid tan-a-holic. I would go tanning almost every day for the full 20 min and sometimes go to another tanning salon just to get into another tan and not having to wait the 24 hours to be able to tan again.  I would constantly lay out while lathering myself in baby oil and never, EVER wear sunscreen.  I even worked at a tanning salon that left me spending each paycheck on new tanning lotions.

Fast forward many years later, I am so regretting it. The things I would tell my younger self. I never thought I would ever say “I will never tan again in another tanning bed in my entire life”!  Nor would I ever think I would give in and buy a self tanner. The first thing you think of is an oompa loompa, right? … NOT with this!!! St Tropez self tanner is absolutely amazing! Super easy to apply,  no orange, no streak, and no waiting for days to get darker while needing to add more and more product to get a gradual tan.

St Tropz gives you a beautiful, long lasting tan for all skin types that leaves your tan looking natural, healthy , glowing skin.  People always ask where I went on vacation! If  they only new how dark I actually get in the sun lol… This lotion has an olive undertone leaving you nothing but bronzed. I couldn’t encourage you enough to try this product. I would recommend getting the applicator mitt as well to apply. I personally don’t use it, though I should lol.. Depending how dark you are willing to get,  there are many options for your needs. From mousses, shower gels, lotions, dry oil, face tanner, and even tanning optimizers to prep and maintain the tan.

St Tropez self tanner

St Tropez Top Products:

Self Tan Dark Bronzing Lotion (my Favorite)

Self Tanner Bronzing Mousse

Self Tan Dark Bronzing Mousse

Self Tan Luxe Bronze Oil

Gradual Tan In Shower

Self Tan Express Bronzing Mousse

Gradual Tan Everyday Body (Medium/Dark)

Applicator Mitt

How To Apply:

Fist exfoliate. It will help for an even/blended tan.

If you need to shave, do so 24 hours before use.

Make sure you moisturize the dryer areas right before use. (Wrists, hands, knees, ankles, elbows, and feet)

You can apply with St Tropez applicator mitt or even latex gloves, which I use.

Start applying. Don’t rub too hard, could rub the product off. Nicely smooth it over the skin. Make sure you get each spot. If you overlap or go over the same spot its okay, that will not matter.

At the end of the application rub the little product that’s remaining  over your hands and feet.

My Before

St Tropez self tanner

My After

St Tropez self tanner

If you wish to do your face keep in mind it will fade sooner than the rest of your body. If you would like it to last make sure you invest in their face tanner. If you would like to keep your tan everywhere else to last longer, they do have an intensifier that you could apply every 2-3 days but you will eventually need to reapply the self tanner.

Each product has a different waiting period before you could shower. Make sure you read the instructions for each product. Personally, I like to apply before bed and take a shower in the morning. As a quick tip I would recommend waiting a few minutes to get dressed after applied. Wearing loose fitting clothes as well. Helps to keep an evenly nice tan.

Is there a specific self tanner that you would recommend me to try??


St Tropz self tanner

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  1. Girl… I am totally with you on the no tanning! I used to manage a tanning salon for 5 years and would take it all back if I could. That tan looks awesome on you 🙂

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