Unboxing June Play! By Sephora


Unboxing June Play! by Sephora was so exciting this month. This box has been my favorite by far. This month the theme was “Minimalist”, which is getting us ready for Summer. WOW! I really am all about Summer posts the past few weeks lol… Lets jump into unboxing and see all the amazing deluxe samples […]

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OPI Retro Summer Collection


The last time I did an OPI collection post was last Spring! I cannot believe it’s been that long. When anticipating doing the Spring collection, since it is Spring, I figured “what the hey… We are so into summer right now”.. am I right?! – The new OPI collection for Summer is called Retro. The colors […]

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Ankle Bracelets

ankle bracelets

With all the 90’s fashion trends coming back into our lives, another one that is back are the ankle bracelets! As a 90’s baby, I am so excited.. I remember how obsessed I was with them. From every color, different charms, to even making them myself…. Do you guys remember to the toe rings too!? .. […]

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Summer Looks To Get Inspired

summer looks

Since we are all excited for summer, I thought it would be fun to do summer looks to get inspired. I don’t know about you but, I love to get inspiration from look books for outfit ideas that I can transform to my own personal style and with the clothes I already have in my closet. Here are just a few of my […]

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Cozy Loungewear

cozy loungewear

There are days like Sundays you just want to be relaxed lounging around your house. Watching movies in your cozy loungewear , fuzzy socks, and maybe even a glass of wine.  There are so many cute/cozy loungewear I’ve been seeing lately and really loving. Why cant you look cute and be cuddly?! cozy loungewear Asos Lounge Set […]

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Wish List


As the seasons change so does the fashion. With that being said, my wish list gets that much longer.. Since I wont be able to do my traditional OOTW for you guys  because of my back surgery (and can’t get off the couch), I wanted to share with you my very own whish list. Get ready ladies, this is the ULTIMATE […]

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Tighten Your Pores & Get The Glow


Are you ready to hear my secret to tighten my pores and get that glow… I have become obsessed with sheet facial masks. Once I found my daily face routine for morning/night (which took a LONG time), I wanted a little nudge to make my skin that much better. I have found two different sheet […]

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Outfits Of The Week #6


This OOTW has been very relaxed. Cute, but comfy. This week has been super hectic with doctor appointments, setting up surgery, and feeling super sick. So of course who wouldn’t want to be comfortable all day?! Since Monday was a day off of work and kind of like a Sunday.. Like most of us felt lol.. We […]

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Bikinis That Are A Must For Summer


I am so excited the pools are now open and the beach is now at an all time high. Even though I have more bikinis than I know what to do with there is always room for more. I am excited to show you where I like to get my bikinis… Colors Of The Sky […]

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Outfits Of The Week #5


Here’s another outfits of the week for you. Hope your Memorial Day weekend has been awesome so far!  My weekend was filled with lots of family time and good food, what more could you ask for ♥ … It’s the little things in life that makes you the most happy. One of many things you should never take for granted. Creating memories with […]

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