April Monthly favorites

April monthly favorites

Hi Doll!

Happy May loves! May?! Wow 2016 has flown by so far. My monthly favorites of April is quite random but that’s what’s fun! Many things I have been in LOVE with for a long time now, while some I just discovered the past month. I cant wait to share so lets jump in……

Peter Thomas Roth

April monthly favorites

April Monthly Favorites

My skin has been really freaking out the past 6 months. I have no idea why, but I take it as a change every woman goes though. As many of you know it takes forever to find something that works for your skin type. Some things that work for others is terrible for  my skin, which I’m sure most of you could relate. One day I was browsing on Sephora.com (when do I not?? lol) and came across Peter Thomas Roth Gentile Complexion Correction  Pads for sensitive skin. After reading all of the reviews and knowing it might not work for me, I decided to buy it anyways and return it if I hated it. Once it arrived about 3 months ago I never turned back! I used my normal daily routine of facial products along with adding this in addition and I am absolutely in love with this product it cleared my acne scars, my uneven skin tone, and even my texture. On top of all of that I am noticing my pores shrinking as well! …Thank the lord!.. I use them two times a day with my day+night skin routine and still notice my skin improving every day. A little tip I recommend, since they are a little expensive for a monthly use, I like to cut the pads in half.

Coco Carbon

April monthly favorites

April monthly favorites

I found Carbon Coco Charcoal Tooth Polish out of nowhere and so glad I did. It is a charcoal toothpaste! I know your porobabdly thinking… “what in the world am I thinking”. BUT it is not the charcoal you find in your grill. It is the best natural teeth whitener on top of detoxifying your teeth, mouth, as well as fighting bacteria in your body. I honestly have had amazing results from it. Carbon Coco is the only teeth whitener that has worked. I have used every type of teeth whitener  that claims that will whiten my teeth but this is the only one so far I’ve had any results from.  As an advid coffee-holic I can get as much help to whiten my teeth as I can. I noticed while using it 2 times a day I got instant results in little as 3 days!! Use promo code ‘White20’ to get 20% off your entire purchase.

St. Tropez

April monthly favorites

As you already know this is one of my top favorites of the month. As I am sure you read my last blog post St Tropez you know how well this works and how obsessed I am.

Mascara Combo

April monthly favorites

I have found my favorite combo of mascaras that I can’t get enough of. I love the long, thick, extra black look. The Lancôme and Better Than Sex combo is by far the best products I have ever used. I use the Lancôme prime mascara before I use any type of mascara to help separate and lengthen lashes. I would skip around to different mascaras but once I finally invested in Too Faced Better Than Sex mascara I never looked back! It is BOMB! I also use the Lancôme Hypnose Drama mascara. It was my favorite until Too Faced. it gives you long thick lashes that look amazing. they aren’t too extreme so if you don’t like them too chunkey I would definitely check out the Lancôme.

Dry Shampoo

April monthly favorites

I don’t know about you but I don’t like to wash my hair everyday. Since my hair is so fine I like to use dry shampoo right after I blow dry it to give me some texture along with using it the next day as well. I have tried wayyyyy to many dry shampoos! I always found they leave a coating of white on the hair, left residue, smelled bad, or didn’t work at all. Once I found Goldwell Ultra Volume DrySshampoo I have gotten my whole family obsessed with it and will never buy another dry shampoo.  It smells amazing and truly works miracles.

Audibal – Untethered Soul

April monthly favorites

I am currently so into Audible.  Not just becusae they have great books you could listen to but you can also get a free 30 day trial period + 2 FREE books! I am currently listening to my new favorite book Untethered Soul. I have heard so many amazing things about this book and had to check it out. I am so intreaged with this book! It really makes you think and dig deep into your body, mind, and soul. I could listed to this book over and over. It is a pretty geniouse book. No wonder it won New York Best Seller!!

Netfix Series

So, if you know me, you know how much I love watching TV series. Yes, I don’t have time to watch TV everyday but when I do, ahhh I get so excited! When I’m alone or hanging out with my mama  I like to watch Orange Is The New Black. I am soooo obsessed with this show! I am only at the end of season 2!  Yesssss, I was a little late to the Orange gang. lol..  My other favorite that Nick and I like to  watch is House Of Cards. WOWWWW it ws amazing! I am still sad we have to wait until 2017 to see the next season. I highly recommend it, you will become obsessed too. We just finished watching Narcos. That’s pretty good too. I like that its based on a true story, even though they add in a few tales that stretch the truth.

I hope by sharing my April monthly favorites you got to know a little bit more about me. I would love to do these types of blogs each month. Let me know if you would be interested.


April monthly favorites




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    1. I absolutely LOVE it!! … My mouth feels super clean after!.. only thing black gets everywhere so it helps if you brush your teeth with your mouth closed lol… Also, you absolutely need to floss after since black gets stuck between your teeth.. I would definitely recommend you get it!

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