Mom Hacks

Mom Hacks

Mom Kacks

Mom hacks are the most asked questions on Google. Being a mom is NOT easy by any means but there are a few tips/tricks I’ve learned over the past few years that has made my life much easier.  I am a mom of two boys (4 and 2). With that being said I need as many tricks up my sleeve as I can get.  Kids keep you busy that’s for sure! Here are a few tips/tricks that will make your life easier as well….

Mom Hacks

As your kids get older you stress less about changing diapers, getting them dressed, and so on. BUT as they get older they venture out more which sometimes is just as stressful. They go on play dates with friends, or even a field trip to the museum and all you can think about is if they are okay and using the buddy system. For a little piece of mind take a small piece of paper and write your information (you name, your child’s name, and your phone number). Incase they drift away from the class they can find a security desk, police man, or even an employee that may be working and they will get ahold of you right away. Just a little security in their pocket, LITERALLY!

Mom Hacks

STOP the morning madness! Mornings are soooo nuts in a house with kids. Not only do you need to get yourself ready but you also need to get your kids ready. From the time they wake up your running around crazy like a chicken with your head cut off. A different breakfast for each kid, cause you know, they NEVER want to eat the same thing. Fighting to get them dressed since they never want to wear what you pick out, brushing teeth, they decide to get undressed when you walk into the next room, don’t want to get their shoes on…. Trust me, I can write a whole book on just the morning madness. To get things a little more organized and less hectic in the morning  I’ve noticed a few things I can prepare the night before to make this happen. If you pick out their clothes, pack backpacks, and pick out what shoes they would like to wear  the mornings are much more smoother than usual. I also recommend waking up before the kids. Give yourself time to take a shower, get ready, and make yourself a cup coffee. Your mornings will be much smoother this way. Trust me!

Mom Hacks

Since moms are always on the go we all need our magic bag of goodies. The best thing you can do is bring things with you to keep them from getting bored. Bored kids = trouble. This is when your magic bag would come in handy. I love to brings books, coloring books, small toys (cars, action figures, etc.), and last but not least the BEST thing you can bring are snacks! Small snacks are a definite must! I like to bring apple sauce pouches, cheez-its, organic fruit snacks, honey wheat pretzels, and the kids favorite, Go-Gurts! Go-Gurts in the car, I know you think I’m crazy! BUT I freeze them. The kids love them. They taste like popsicles with all of the health benefits you want them to have. Its like a win win for both you. Genius, I know!

Mom Hacks

Bath time is crazy. Kids don’t want to take the time out on missing anything, AKA them playing. I recommend going to the bottom of the toy bin and find toys they totally forgot about. They get excited about the toys they think are new and it gets them excited for bath time. Bath toys are boring for kids as they get older. I let them take whatever toys they want into the bath, unless its battery activated. Now the only issue is to get them out of the tub. I like to do movies on the nights we do baths. It gets them to get out of the tub.  I let them pick out a movie they want to watch and have them help me make popcorn. Movie and popcorn, who doesn’t love that!?

Every mom needs tips and tricks to make everyone’s lives easier, not only for you but your kids as well. Keep updated on my blog next week. I will be giving potty training tips, fun activities to do with your kids, as well as tips to help your child learn and read.

If you have any tips or suggestions comment below. I would love to find out what works for you!


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