Learning To Love The Confident You

love the confident you

love the confident you

I have been thinking about this topic a lot lately. I think its because I have hit a stage in my life that I finally started to realize that its the little things that matter from within your self and I have really found my own happiness.  Learning to love yourself in your own skin and to be at peace from within and the positive mind you hold. Yes, at first its hard, but its almost like a muscle you need to exercise.

love the confident you

Growing up I remember looking in magazines and hoping to look like that girl in the photos. Watching TV and thinking “one day I will have those long/thin legs”. When in reality, I would NEVER have a thigh gap even if I tried. Looking back I wish I could tell my young self so much! No matter how thin your legs might be, what color your eyes are, or the designer clothes you own, if you don’t love yourself and come at peace with who you are, you will never be genuinely  happy or confident no matter how hard you try. You can try to change your appearance all you want but beauty and confidence comes from within. Confidence is a choice. Its your choice to be comfortable with who you are. If your confidence is defined on how others see you, you will never be confident in your own skin. Accept who you are,  love your flaws and learn to embrace them.

love the confident you

Allowing to let what other people think about you can really take a toll. Other’s opinions shouldn’t matter. Only thing that matters is how you view yourself. Little girls these days need to be taught that everyone is beautiful in their own way. No matter the color of their skin or their shape or size, we are all equal and have something to offer the world.

We all need to feel confident in our own skin and truly love who you are inside and out. Accepting who you are and what you have to offer to the world is the best power you could give yourself. Positive energy feeds positivity. Just like negativity feeds negative energy. The mind is a powerful thing and so are your words. Your mind can make you think something that isn’t even true. While the words you tell yourself, or to others, could either destroy or help empower. No one forgets the nasty comments one had said and especially the comments that are the most genuine that means the world. Everyone has a journey we know nothing about. One positive word could change a person’s entire day or life.

love the confident you

All woman are all beautiful! Give compliments, ask where they got their purse you like, comment on their pictures, whatever it may be, a little word goes a long way. Making others feel beautiful in turn makes you feel beautiful. I truly believe a peaceful heart, a positive mind, and a happy smile attracts the same back into your own life. When you love yourself and accept yourself for who you are it opens up doors to happiness and to a world you wish you lived in this entire time.

I challenge you to …

Spread the LOVE, the JOY, and the CONFIDENCE in others as well as yourself! Love who you are




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