The “go to” essentials that are a MUST in your closet

Life With Ashlee

Hey Guys! So, there are a few items every woman should have in her closet. Their “basic”/”go to” pieces. Options that are very versatile and can be worn many different ways.  For me its important to not only look cute (of course!)  but to also be comfortable and confident  in what I am wearing. Some things to consider..

A good fitting pair of jeans

Life With Ashlee

As all woman know a pair of jeans is the hardest essential to find. SO, when that moment comes when you try on a pair and they fit in all the right places (butt, legs, hips, etc) its a must buy! Right? .. Jeans that are  comfortable, fit your body type, and are a jean that can be worn with many different outfits, day or night,  it is a great investment… Quick tip – a good jean that can be worn with almost anything is a darker jean and definably able to dress up or dress down.

A perfect layering jacket


My favorite type of layering jacket is either a longer/light trench coat or a leather jacket. Now these are not your only option. Wear what works best for you and something that fits your style. A layering jacket can be worn on a night out with some heals or even the days you just need to run to the grocery store in some converses.

A hat

Life With Ashlee

No, not a baseball hat ladies!  Something cute, fashionable, and easy to throw on over that hair we didn’t feel like washing in the shower this morning.  My personal favorites are a floppy hat,  panama, or a fedora.

A loose fitted top

Loose t shirt

Loose fitted tops are one of my personal favorites. Again, a versatile item just like the rest on my list. You can wear under your layering jacket or even on its own. It looks a little more fashionable than the regular fitted t’s and doesn’t look like you just threw something on.

A comfortable pair of shoes


Weather its a nice pair of black boots, a cute ankle boot, or even flats. We all need a “go to” shoe. Something that can be worn with any outfit and can throw on without checking yourself out in the mirror for hours.

A sweater/pancho


Wearing a blanket to work or out to dinner would be pretty amazing right?! Well, I have to agree! Those days I don’t want to get out of my pajamas and totally dreading getting ready for the day, this is my go to. A carefree yet cute and very fashionable option.

Anddd last but not least…..

The Little Black Dress


Have you every gotten a last minute invite too dinner or a spontaneous night out? Well, this little number is the perfect thing to have in your closet. A blak dress can be worn to  literally any event you have.

Remember, use these tips on your own personal style. Everyone has a different fashion sense which is awesome! That shows who you are and your personality. One thing that makes you, you.  Don’t let anyone take that away from you or tell you otherwise.  Be confident and love who you are.

Is there anything on your “go to” list I missed? I would love to hear your feed back.


Ashlee  <3

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  1. My two favorite “go to’s” are a decent pair of leggings and a perfect scarf! And not the kind of leggings that are like 5 bucks and show all your goods haha! And a light weight scarf always makes me feel so comfortable! 🙂 LOVE THIS POST!

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