DIY Dollar Store Flower Arrangements

Well you can say I have an obsession with DIYs and especially when its budget friendly. I absolutely love flower arrangements (fakes ones that is!). Why? Because I tend to kill every flower that walks into my house. I do NOT have a green thumb. Flowers (real or fake) make every girl feel so beautiful and gives a warm feeling when you walk into your home. Today I will show you the easiest DIY. I  went to the dollar store to get my supplies and only spent $4, amazing right?!

First get your supplies together

A vase of choice (I used a small square vase)  – two bundles of flowers, again your choice (I used white roses) – Clear glass gems or anything else you would like to fill your vase with.

Next, fill your vase with your gems

Cut the stems and take off the greenery

Place the flowers into the vase anddd VUALA!

Easy right?! As you can see I made two. I cant get enough.

Here is another flower arrangement I made a few months back as well. I found all the supplies from my local craft store (Hobby Lobby).

Let me know how your arrangement turns out. <3

Is there any décor you like to make that’s budget friendly?


Ashlee <3

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