Fashion Trends I Love

fashion trends

fashion trends

There are so many fashion trends I am loving right now! Trends I remember when I was a little girl is all circling back around. I couldn’t be more excited! Now, if only I still had those clothes and still fit into them I wouldn’t be so obsessed with NEEDING that ONE shirt.

Beige Undertones

I have been so into anything beige, I am ” Crazed for Beige” lol… Anything with a beige undertone calls to me. They are my new neutral. You can pair with any color and it always look fabulous and chic.

The Chunky Heel

I remember when I was younger the chunky heel was the THING (Shout out to all the 90’s babies! woop woop!)  But like all fashion trends, they disappear and we all wait around hoping they will eventually come back. Chunky heels are so fun and cute. And lets be real with ourselves ladies, they are much easier to walk in.


Mannnn am I obsessed or what?! I am so glad romper season is back. they are a perfect outfit for a day around town, an afternoon coffee, or even a casual dinner with your man.  I have such a long torso it is hard for me to be able to find some that fit me, but lately I’ve been pretty pleased with how they fit.

High-Waist Jeans

I know this isn’t a “new” trend but I am starting to really fall in love with them. I like the super high-waisted skinnies and shorts. They snugs your body just right to make your torso look long and slender with elongating your legs.

Lace Up

Anything lace up is so in right now. From lace up bodysuits, to shirts/tanks, pants/shorts, sandals, heels, anything you name.. they got it. Its super feminine with a twist.

To see some more of my favorite trends I have been loving check out my  Outfits Of The Week to get direct links to where I got each item.


fashion trends


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